Torres Elementary go door to door to register students for school

Victoria ISD revealed their move to online only registration may have led to lower than expected registration numbers. Spokesperson Shawna Currie explained in an email that over one thousand students that were registered last year have yet to register for the coming school year. Torres Elementary went door to door this morning to inform unaware residents to register their students online. Principal Crystal Rice says their door to door strategy has already paid dividends.

“Since we have gotten back, our office has been packed. The phones are ringing off the hook. Parents want to verify that their registration is complete. Parents are coming in to bring in that last bit of paperwork that they might have been missing. And then, of course, we already have parents in the conference room that are on the computers getting the help they need to get their kids registered. It’s been great.”

Rice adds the school currently has 417 registered students, falling short of the average 500-600 students she sees enrolled at the elementary each year. Parents who fail to register their child before school starts could see their child’s spot at their campus filled, forcing them to go to another school entirely.

The new VISD school year starts Tuesday, August 21st, so make sure to register your child online before the year begins.