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Affordable housing plan set for Port Lavaca


CALHOUN COUNTY, Texas – Here are some of the top headlines this week in The Port Lavaca Wave.

Juneteenth celebrates freedom, unity

Those two words rang out loud and strong at the 2022 Juneteenth Celebration Saturday at George Adams Park.
Legacy was the theme of the “Walk With Our Ancestors” Saturday morning as a crowd of nearly 30 people walked from the park to the Alice Wilkins School.
As people entered the building opened by Calhoun County ISD workers Joe Frank Valdez, Michael Munoz, and Mike Carraway, names of teachers rang out as they remembered who taught in what room.
First door on the left, the graduates all knew whose office that was – Principal George Adams.
They walked through the building, recalling places, people, and things that they had done at school. The tour finished in the gym.
After the tour, Joe Vickers spoke about the school.
“This school, right here, did a fantastic job preparing my mind for what was coming,” he said. “I really appreciate everyone coming on today’s history walk with us to see what we saw.”

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Point Comfort VFD ready to assist community

POINT COMFORT – Funding and members are among the issues that face volunteer fire departments.
The Point Comfort Volunteer Fire Department is no exception. Membership stands at 11 active members, and time seems to be the biggest factor in recruiting new members.
“Well, I hate to say it, but with this generation, they don’t have a lot of volunteer time,” said Assistant Chief Steve Lambden, who is also mayor of Point Comfort.
Anyone interested can contact Point Comfort City Hall or stop by the fire department on Tuesday at 7 p.m. and fill out an application. Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old.
“When we receive an application, we review it, do a background check and vote on it to accept the applicant as a new volunteer,” said Chief Brandon Mason. “We follow our bylaws and protocols.”

Affordable housing plan set for Port Lavaca

The city council recently approved a number of measures at their last meeting, including the decision to approve an amendment regarding the Claret Crossing subdivision.
“This is potentially really huge news for our city,” Councilman Jim Ward said. “This is something we’ve been waiting on.”
The Claret Crossing decision came about with an amendment to an Ad Valorem Tax Agreement between the city and Ho Enterprises, where 30 lots in total would be re-designated from duplexes to single-family homes within Claret Crossing.
The properties would still be under the prior agreement, where the city provides incentives for the development of the property.

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