TNR of Victoria warns of “kitten showers” this Spring

Trap, Neuter and Return of Victoria is urging residents to spay and neuter their cats to avoid the hundreds of kittens who face an undesirable future.

Board member Pat Tally explains that warmer weather means more kittens and keeping control of a quickly growing population means people must stay ahead of the game. She advises you to neuter your cats before kitten season picks up.

” The best plan is right now because in January and February they come into heat and then in 60-70 days they will start having their kittens, ” Tally says.

Kitten season doesn’t end in the spring, due to Victoria’s warm climate it lasts all the way until December.

” We encourage people, get them fixed now, ” Tally says.

Unwanted kittens often have an unfortunate fate. According to the ASPCA nearly 860,000 cats are euthanized each year.

” Animal shelters are very limited in what they can take unless someone adopts from them, they can’t take more, ” Tally says.

TNR is the method of humanely trapping feral cats, having them fixed, vaccinated and then returning them. Tally says the key word here is return. Feral cats play a vital role in society by controlling the rodent population by keeping other strays away.

” The idea being that you can reduce the number, or that there’s an advantage to reducing the number of feral or free roaming cats, stray cats and keeping them in that neighborhood, ” Tally says.

The problem seems to be growing, especially after Hurricane Harvey.

” So many people left their animals or didn’t even look for them, ” Tally says.

For domesticated cat owners, she advises not to let your cat outside unless it is fixed and has it’s shots.

Leukemia is another issue felines of Victoria face in such a high stray population. Tally says there are large areas where feline leukemia has infected strays, and it is passed on to their kittens who then have to be euthanized.

Tally says spays and neuters can be done for as low as $35.

For more information or to volunteer with Victoria TNR call (361) 433 4029