Tips To Control Wasps and Mosquitoes At Your Home

“Controlling mosquitoes is kind of a challenging issue as they are good at flying from place to place,” said Stephen Biles.

Due to the heavy rain in the Crossroads over the last few weeks, we have seen a large number of mosquitoes. One way of getting rid of them is removing standing water. “Bird bath, dump it out and wash it out and change the water every two days. If you have buckets or anything else turn them upside down,” said Biles.

While you are walking or doing yard work in the evening be sure to wear mosquito spray. “A deet or picaridin and there are a few others eucalyptus oils that are proven to reduce the number of bites that a person will get,” said Biles.

Another bug that is an issue for us are wasps. Biles suggest removing that problem in its early stages. “It is a whole lot easier to knock that nest down and remove that female when there is only one than it is to wait for a month or so then you will have six, eight or ten of them,” said Biles.

Lastly, if you have a wasp nest around your house consider treating it at night. “Well the wasps come back home and so if you want to spray the nest you would want to spray them when they are all there,” said Biles.