Three Full Force gymnasts compete at the Elite Challenge

Paxton Henley, Jaden McCarter and Kylie Ortiz bring out their best in national competition

IRVING, TX- Three Full Force gymnastics girls went to the Elite Challenge in Irving, a national competition with two as returners and one appearing for the first time.

This was Paxton Henley’s fourth trip to the Elite Challenge. She said her training was very different for this event. She excelled her bounce time and her time has increased a lot.

“I’ve been going back and forth between different routines on what I should do. if I should I go easier or if should I go harder, and at this meet, I’m going out for my hardest routine ever,” said Paxton.

Jaden McCarter has been working on getting her connection stronger and making sure she jumps higher.

“Going in the top 3 and making it to finals for trampoline,” Jaden said she hopes to achieve at the Elite Challenge.

Kylie Ortiz, who made her first appearance at the Elite Challenge wasn’t too nervous but she’s been working on getting her skills sharp. She said she will be doing four doubles in her routines for a better chance at winning.

“So I can go all out and do my best on it to get more points on difficulty,” said Kylie could help getting a higher score.

Paxton won the Elite Challenge in 2018 and all three girls competing are former national champions hoping to bring back more medals.