Three candidates have filed for Mayor of Victoria in the July special election

The Special Election will be held Saturday, July 3

VICTORIA, Texas – Three candidates have filed for Mayor of Victoria in the July Special Election.

United States veteran David Crook was the first person to file for mayor back in late March and is the only candidate with no prior experience holding a public seat of any kind. Although this doesn’t discourage the former H-R military specialist, who sees the mayor seat as another way to continue serving his community.

“My ability to adapt is where I think my military experience would come in handy as well. Also, working with people of all different kinds of backgrounds. At the end of the day, we come together, we have one mission. We just want to get it done and help together, ” said Crook.

Jeff Bauknight will also forego his seat on the city council since he has filed for the mayor race. This means, he will no longer be a District 3’s city council representative regardless of whether he wins or loses in the July special election and a special election must be held to fill the city council seat. Bauknight will continue to serve District 3 as its city council representative until that special election is held and a new representative is elected.

“For why I’m running, I want to make sure we continue in the same direction we have been going. Rawley did a fantastic job lining up not only the city council but the boards underneath. I think Jesus has been doing a good job as well with that vision and it all started with the 2035 plan for Victoria,” said Bauknight.

Owner of Revista newspaper Emmett Alvarez was the last person to file for mayor, Alvarez back in 2016 resigned from city council district one after it was discovered he no longer lived in district one, he says even after his resignation, he wants to continue serving his community after owning his past mistakes.

“That was unfortunate, my apologies for that, it’s not what I envisioned… I recognized that I needed to resign, I was trying to sell my house in District 1 and move into another house in District 1 but I wasn’t sure how long the process was going to take. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. A few people were trying to make an issue of it but I didn’t want it to be an issue so I handed my resignation. I didn’t want to be constantly reminded of this, I just wanted to continue to serve the people, ” said Alvarez. “The number one thing I want to do, which is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was on city council is to improve the streets of Victoria, I also want to keep the city’s tax rate low and look at the 2035 capital improvement plan.”

All three candidates can agree on the importance of serving the community and the priority of fixing streets in Victoria.