Thousands of migrants gather near the border town of Del Rio

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano held a press conference to make the public aware of the growing problem taking place at the border

DEL RIO, Texas – Migrants continue to arrive at the U.S. Mexico border with their numbers rising to more than 10,000. As the situation gains more concern, the mayor of the border town of Del Rio held a press conference to make the public aware of the worsening situation.

Mayor Lozano says there were a little more than 2,000 migrants waiting to be detained underneath at the international bridge in Del Rio on Monday, but as of this afternoon there are now more than 12,000 migrants under the bridge – that is equal to one-third of the population of Del Rio. He called the situation alarming and said that every resource is being stretched beyond its capacity.

“The migrants are getting agitated. The border patrol can’t keep up with, with feeding during lunchtime, that facilities, the quality of life, the standard of living is all being stretched beyond its capabilities. This is unprecedented. This is beyond surreal, this is affecting everybody in this community,” said Mayor Lozana.

Mayor Lozano thanked the support of Governor Abbott and also asked the white house to get involved with a growing crisis on the border.

He also says the Department of Homeland Security is building some kind of structure on city property, and no one from the federal government has contacted the city to let them know what it is.

Many of the migrants are coming from Haiti, a country still recovering from a major earthquake and the assassination of their late president Moise in July. The area where the migrants have gathered isn’t a processing facility, but currently just a waiting room for the migrants to be processed by Border Patrol.