There’s a severe shortage of ICU beds in the Crossroads community due to the spike of COVID-19 cases

VICTORIA, Texas– Over the last several weeks we have seen new confirmed cases of COVID-19 spread rapidly throughout Victoria County. More COVID-19 patients mean hospitals are full.

“We’re having problems in Victoria. Almost all of our ICU beds are full. Now, this changes hourly it really does. I can tell you right now as far as hospital beds in our area both of our hospitals are full so we have other space but we have to have the staff to open those beds,” said Dr. John McNeill at DeTar Health System.

DeTar Hospital has a total of 30 beds available for ICU patients. With the ability to open 14 more ICU beds. Citizens Medical Center has 18 ICU beds and other regional hospitals have fewer than 10 beds.

DeTar Healthcare System sent a statement saying the COVID-19 pandemic has required the hospital to sustain a high state of alert for a prolonged period of time. There are many different agencies and organizations working collaboratively to ensure medical care for those who need it.

“We have a widespread community transmission right now and remember a certain percentage of these patients are going to end up in the hospital and over time a certain percent of them are going to get sick and some of them are going to require mechanical ventilation and unfortunately some of them are going to die. We have had 10 fatalities in Victoria County so far,” said Dr. McNeill.

Dr. McNeill says the shortage of beds for patients isn’t just occurring in Victoria, the entire state is having this same issue.