The Victoria Salvation Army suffers more than $4K in damages after being burglarized

The non-profit is now accepting donations from the community

VICTORIA, Texas- The Salvation Army in Victoria has always given back to the community, but on Saturday night the building was burglarized.

“They took all of the power tools, which is about $2,000 of power tools or close to it. They got into our showcases and took some jewelry and watches and that sort of thing. Then they took our little safe, a small safe that had $250 of petty cash,” said Captain Kenny Jones, the Commander for the Victoria Salvation Army.

Captain Jones, says the cause of damages is about $3,000 but that’s not including the repairs to replace the items stolen, fix the door, and add security cameras. The total cost for everything will be about $4,500.

“They filled out a report and they took all the information and he did let me know that there have been several businesses burglarized in this same manner. Where they kick in the door or the bottom of the door and they literally crawl in and crawl around the building,” said Captain Jones.

Captain Jones talked about how this made him feel once he found out someone broke into the building.

“I have mixed feelings. It’s frustrating because we exist only to help those who need our help. That’s why we exist; we are a non-profit company,” said Jones.

A police report was filed to document the incident.

To make a cash donation click here or you have the option to drop it off at the Salvation Army. The address is 1302 N. Louis, Victoria, Texas, or you can send it to P.O.BOX 3045, Victoria, Texas 77903.

The community is invited to call 361- 572-3779 for more details.