The Victoria Regional Airport hosted a triennial full-scale emergency training exercise

The airport partnered with the Victoria Fire Department and other local law enforcement agencies for the exercise

VICTORIA, Texas – The Victoria Regional Airport in partnership with the Victoria County Fire Department, City of Victoria Fire Department, Victoria County Sheriff’s Office, and Victoria Emergency Management will hold a triennial full-scale exercise at the Victoria Regional Airport

The exercise is required every 36 months, which is about 3 years,  by the Federal Aviation Administration. It helps prepare emergency responders in the event of an airplane incident.

Volunteers and emergency responders used a school bus to simulate an airplane incident. First responders sprayed down the school bus with water and helped escort people out of the bus to safety.

Airport Executive Director, Lenny Llerena, says going through this process is the best training

“There’s a lot of communication that involves all these groups and we have to exercise that everything works perfectly so when we have a real-life event, we’re all ready,” says Llerena.

Llerena also says the emergency training exercise went great and wants to thank all the volunteers and first responders for their help in the exercise.