The Victoria Public Library opening day was a success

VICTORIA, Texas— The Victoria Public Library re-opened on Monday, June 1st with a huge crowd waiting at the door.

The Victoria Public Library and several other local businesses closed around March 21st to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The library didn’t expect such a large crowd opening day.

“We also had the opening day of Summer Reading at the same time so it was a little bit hectic but we had 100 people come in the first hour and we were pretty busy up until noon. It slowed down just a little bit in the afternoon but it was just a lot happening here” said, Dayna Williams-Capone, Director of the Victoria Public Library.

Throughout the first day, most people came to use the computers, check out new books and return all the novels they were stuck with at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We are quarantining our books so when you return a book it goes onto a cart and into a room for 72 hours so sometimes your items don’t get checked in immediately and we have to be a little bit patient there but we’re just making sure that the books are in the best shape they can be to be returned to the shelve”, said Dana Williams-Capone, Director at the Victoria Public Library.

While the library was closed to the public new carpet was put in throughout the building.

“That was our major project this year and in some ways we were lucky that we were closed when that occurred we completely replaced the flooring throughout the whole public side of the building,” said Dana Williams-Capone, Director at the Victoria Public Library.

Now the Victoria Public Library is offering curbside service for those who are still not comfortable with entering the building.