The Victoria Indie Film Fest kicks off today

VIP kick-off party begins are weekend of cinema

The Victoria Indie Film Festival officially kicks off today, beginning a weekend filled with unique films made by filmmakers from around the world.

51 films will be shown during the weekend festival, ranging from short documentaries to experimental animation films.

The festival began today with a VIP kick-off party at Rosebud Records with filmmakers and guests celebrating the start of the festival and the culmination of all their hard work.

“A lot of these filmmakers have worked for two, three years on these feature films. And these short films, they work you know, on for up to a year or two years. So, it’s… it feels good to give them the opportunity. And, it’s a real giving back experience. So, yeah, we’re happy to do it every year,” said Anthony Pedone, Program Director, Victoria Indie Film Festival.

The festival will continue throughout the weekend, showing films at Rosebud, Liberty Coffee Haus and the Leo J Welder Center.

The Victoria Indie Film Festival cosst $35 for admission and ends on April 7th.