The Victoria I.S.D. bond faces opposition from community members

Not everyone is in favor of the proposed bond

VICTORIA, Texas – Early voting for the general election has begun and one of the items on the ballot is the 156.8 million dollar Victoria I.S.D bond.

Here is what the bond proposes.

  • Rebuild Stroman Middle School for $73.7 million
  • Rebuild Mission Valley Elementary for $23 million
  • Repair district-wide needs for $58.4 million
  • Replace playgrounds at each elementary school for $1.5 million.

Earlier today, Emett Alvarez, the owner of Revista de Victoria newspaper, shared why he is voting against the bond.

“Should vote against it, the timing couldn’t be worse, we’re still in a pandemic and the economy is down, we’re seeing improvements, thank god but we are still challenging our economy and employment,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez also says that he believes repairs are needed but the price tag of the bond is too high, he encourages the community to go out and vote.

If the bond passes, the district will being the process of implementing the bond which involves the financing, planning, design, and construction and will span several years.

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