The Victoria County Commissioners discussed $3.9 million fiscal discrepancy from 2018 to 2019

VICTORIA, Texas- Earlier today on July 27th, during Victoria County Commissioners Court the county received an update on its comprehensive annual financial report. The county received a comprehensive financial report on if the annual budget was improved or declined in 2019.

“There was an increase in the business type of a positive $58,000. So countywide there was a decline in the deposition of $3.9 million, this will indicate a decline in the financial condition from the previous fiscal year,” said Steve Van Manen with Harrison, Waldrop & Uherek LLP.

Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller, says his takeaway from the audit showed Victoria County ended 2019 in a solid fiscal position with an adequate rainy day fund. He also breaks down why there was a $3.9 million difference from 2018 to 2019.

“Largely the reason for the $3.9million change in the deposition was due to one time revenues in 2018 mainly FEMA and then some one time expenses last year largely due to the mold project and capital projects and so that’s where that $3.9 million comes from. It’s one time mostly, primary, a one-time funding 2018,” said Ben Zeller, the Victoria County Judge

Judge Zeller says their success is in securing grant funding and that’s one reason the County is able to do so much in the community.