The Victoria County Commissioner Precinct Two Race

Four candidates are in the running for the Precinct Two seat

VICTORIA, Texas – Election Day is finally here, and four candidates are in the running for the Victoria County Commissioner Precinct No. 2 seat.

All candidates share a business and financial background. They are looking to transfer their skills into the commissioner seat.

Incumbent Kevin Janak is seeking his fifth re-election after more than a decade of being the Precinct Two County Commissioner. Some issues that Janak wants to continue focusing on include the tax rate, the border crisis and helping out the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. Following Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Janak helped with recovery efforts and oversaw the replacement of six bridges in precinct two.

Candidate Zed Stewart wants to help with the county budget and spend it wisely,

Candidate Jason Ohrt, wants to address drainage issues, local infrastructure, taxes and the Victoria Airport

Candidate Jeanette Valdez says she wants to flatten the property tax rate, invest in roads and look for more ways to use the Victoria Airport.

All candidates want to invest in local infrastructure, keep the tax rate low and make things better for future generations.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this race as numbers come in tonight.

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