The Victoria Chamber of Commerce announced Presidential candidates

VICTORIA, Texas- The Victoria Chamber of Commerce has narrowed the search down to the final three candidates for its next President. They are Landis Adams, Jeff Lyon, and Courtney Middleton-Sides.

Jesse Pisors, the Board Chair of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, describes what’s his idea of the next perfect President.

“With the new person its time for the next chapter. So we do want someone to look forward, someone who can take us down the road further, someone who can think innovatively about new ways to do things. We want to institute best practices as a Chamber. We want to strengthen our membership base. We want to increase the value that we bring to members. So we’re looking for someone who can help us do those things,” Jesse Pisors, the Victoria Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, said.

On Friday, February 21st there will be a meet and greet to get to know the three candidates from 3:30 p.m. until 5 pm located at the UHV Multi-purpose Building. To learn more about the candidates take a look down below.


Victoria Chamber of Commerce