The V.I.S.D Bond recommendation questionnaire is available to the community

VICTORIA, Texas—– The Bond election is scheduled for May 1st. Victoria I.S.D. launched a thought exchange questionnaire to get the community input on the Bond recommendation to present to the Trustees.

The Bond recommendation consists of a 156.8 million bond proposal, 7.5 cent I & S tax rate 6.25 monthly for 100,000 taxable home value. The money will go towards rebuilding Storman Middle School, Mission Valley Elementary and to place new playgrounds at all elementary schools.

“From the very beginning the bond planning task force knew that they wanted to engage with the community regarding feedback, thoughts and questions for the bond recommendation that they presented to the trustees. So we knew that we wanted to do with that Exchange Questionnaire, to utilize it to gather more information from the community and get their thoughts on what they the Bond Planning Task Force had put together,” said Ashley Scott, the V.I.S.D Executive Director of Communications & Public Relations.

If you have any questions about the V.I.S.D Bond proposal on Sunday, January 31 from 3 p.m. to 5:30 Tami Keeling and Mike Mercer, are the Victoria I.S.D. board members, who will be at the Children’s’ Park Pavilion at Riverside Park to answer all questions from the community. Also, if you would like to submit a questionnaire click here.