The Texas Zoo announces the loss of a senior ocelot

Obidiah the ocelot joined The Texas Zoo in 2013

The Texas Zoo

Photo courtesy: The Texas Zoo

VICTORIA, Texas – The Texas Zoo announced the death of Obidiah, a senior ocelot. The Texas Zoo said on its Facebook page Obi passed away January 5, 2022 due to age related complications.

At 22, Obi was among the oldest ocelots in human care, surpassing the life expectancy of ocelots, which 12 years in the wild and 20 years in managed care.

Obi was born May 25, 1999 and became a part of The Texas Zoo family in 2013.

The Texas Zoo wrote the following on its Facebook page:

“Obi was an independent ocelot that never missed an opportunity to nap in the sunbeams or roll around in his favorite tunnel. He will be deeply missed by all. Despite being listed as “least concern,” ocelots in Texas are critically endangered with less than 25 remaining in the brush lands of South Texas. In addition to playing a role in ocelot survival through the ocelot species survival plan (SSP), Obi also contributed directly to wild Texas ocelot conservation as his bedding and scent was used to track and document wild individuals.”

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