The Texas Water Safari is underway

The 260 mile race to Seadrift kicked off Saturday at 9 a.m.
Texas Water Safari

Racers end up in Seadrift, if they make it. Photo: Bianca Gonzales

Texas Water Safari is held the second Saturday in June each year.


TEXAS – The world’s toughest canoe race kicked off Saturday morning at 9 a.m. A crew with The Victoria Television Group is covering the event.

The Texas Water Safari has two short races, but the Safari is a 260 mile race to Seadrift. It all starts at the San Marcos River. It’s known as the “World’s Toughest Boat Race”.

The first race was held in 1963. Participants will go through the Guadalupe River and end in Seadrift. The event is held the second Saturday in June.

Races get water, ice and food along the way. This is all human strength none of the boats are powered.


Photo: Bianca Gonzales

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Photo: Bianca Gonzales