The Texas Mile: Passion for speed

The Texas Mile

The Texas Mile is a three-day racing event held twice a year at the Victoria Regional Airport

Cars, motorcycles, drivers, riders and spectators from around the world gather together for a weekend of high-speed thrills and record-breaking runs, while bonding together to form a culture and a community unlike anywhere else.

The Texas Mile is a one-mile run where speeds that are reserved for the most expensive super cars in the world are reached within a single mile – a fraction of the distance needed to reach most of the top speeds in Motorsports.

Is it passion or an addiction to speed that keeps them pushing their machines harder to go faster every time they hit the runway?

Janna Whitworth came to the mile for the first time in March after her husband, a police officer, pulled over a car without plates that had just come from competing in Victoria.

She decided then and there that she wanted to push her Camaro, the “shark car,” and test its limits. For Janna though, it’s a family affair.

She tells us, “I have one daughter that helps me work on the car, and my other daughter could tell you anything about any car in the world. She’s going to college to be a journalist. That’s what she wants to do — cover Motorsports.”

All across the world, teams gather their fastest machines, and their boldest drivers, to head to Victoria for the event. There, spectators get to see the work they put in up close and personal

Chris Wells of CT Performance out of Michigan, tells us that his ZR1 went 209 mph (ca. 336 km/h) motor only, and 215 mph (ca. 346 km/h) with nitrous, which was the top-speed he wanted to attain with that car. They’ll be back in March though, and likely aiming to go faster than before.

Some drivers, such as Bill Hosler, have been coming to the mile for years, always trying to beat their own personal goal.

Bill says that, “In 2009 I wanted to get to 200 (mph). That’s all I wanted to do — get to 200. Then I got there and I decided I wanted to go faster.”

Hosler even commemorated his love for the sport with a tattoo. The Texas Mile will always be a permanent fixture in his life but his goal for the October event was 240 mph (ca. 386 km/h) on his Hayabusa.

On the third day of the event he reached that goal, clocking in as the 5th fastest speed of the event at 240 mph (ca. 386 km/h).

Join us for the second and third installments of the series for more on The Texas Mile, featuring M2K Motorsports with the world’s fastest Ford GT, the fastest Gen 5 Camaro, and the fastest Corvette.

Plus, STPI’s Shane Stubbs, and his Suzuki Hayabusa that broke multiple records and reached the fastest speed of the event.