The Taste of the Town returns to benefit the Perpetual Help Home

VICTORIA, Texas -Taste of the Town returns to benefit the Perpetual Help Home. Bethany Castro, executive director of the nonprofit, joins us on Community Crossroads to talk about the upcoming fundraiser.

The following is a transcript:

Carolina Astrain: Welcome to Community Crossroads. Up next, we speak with Bethany Castro, executive director of the Perpetual Help Home, who is here to fill us in on the 2021 Taste of the Town event. Welcome to Community Crossroads, Bethany, how are you today?

Bethany  Castro: I am well.

Astrain: And I’m excited to hear about the restaurants, but first I want to take a look at the 2019 event. We have some footage from our past coverage and it looks like it was pretty well attended.


WHEN: Sunday, August 29, 2021

TIME: 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m.

COST: $20 per ticket, $40 for VIP access

WHERE: Victoria Community Center, 2905 E. North Street

LINK: Go here to purchase your tickets.

Castro: It was, we had just under 400 folks join us. It was a great time. We had 16 restaurants come out and just a huge variety of food.

Astrain: And how long has this tradition been going on?

Castro: Oh my gosh. So that was our first ever tasted the town, your first ever. It was a huge turnout. We weren’t, um, we weren’t expecting that much of a great response. And then 2020, of course we had to kind of call it quits on tasted the town because of COVID and we’re back at it now with 2021. So super excited.

Astrain: And talk to us about the Perpetual Help Home, the Taste of the Town, is a fundraiser benefiting this organization, right? What do y’all do?

Castro: So we are a transitional home for women here in Victoria. We’ve been in Victoria for 25 years. We’re a place where women can come and live and, and really work hard to get back on their feet after a variety of circumstances in their lives have made them homeless.

Astrain: And is the need accentuating here in the area?

Castro: Yeah. Yeah. We have seen a big increase, um, as different things related to COVID have gone away such as, um, some eviction, moratorium things, stimulus payments, things like that have gone away then the need has really risen lately.

Astrain: Wow, what an incredible cause to be a part of, and you can enjoy some food from tasty restaurant areas or in our area, and also give back to this important initiative.

Castro: Yes.

Astrain: So can you share some of the restaurants?

Castro: Yes, I can. Some of them are hot off the press as of yesterday. So I have my list that I don’t forget. We have 12 right now and I’m still working on a few more. So right now of Raising Cane’s, The Grapevine Cafe and catering, H-E-B Plus,  Sweet Fountainz Bakery, Tasty Tower Gardens, Yamato, Dickie’s Barbecue, Cherry Berry, Ventura’s Tamales, Mumphord’s Barbecue, Noot’s Thai and the Health Bar by Complete 360.

Astrain: Ooh, I know I’m a big fan of Noot’s and Mumphord’s Barbecue. I’ve been getting that Yellow Chicken Curry since I moved here, Bethany, it’s so delicious.

Castro: We’re really blessed with great restaurants. So the idea behind this is just getting our local restaurants out there. Having small tastes of each one, so people can come and enjoy a wide variety of restaurants all on one place.

Astrain: And are there some sponsors you’d like to thank?

Castro: Oh my gosh, we’ve been so blessed with a zillion sponsors right now. I just want to shout them out… so Victory Buick GMC and Kia… Gulf Coast Carwash, South Star Wealth Management, Victoria automobile dealers, Crossroads Bank, Victoria area nurse practitioners, Office Systems, and LyondellBasell.

Astrain: Wow, what great champions for our community. And we want to be sure to share all the info you need for the 2021 Taste of the Town. It begins at 5:00 p.m. and it goes to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 29th at the Victoria Community Center, general admission is $20. And what else do we need to know?

Castro: Well, there is still a chance for the general public to purchase a VIP ticket. They’re on sale online on our website for $40, we have 27 of them left. So you got to hurry. And so the first 30 minutes, 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. will be VIP access only. And then general admission will start at 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., it’s going to be the same food the whole time. You just might get to move through lines a little bit faster if you’re a VIP.

Astrain: Well, excellent Bethany, thank you so much for coming to Community Crossroads and we’ll have all this information posted and coming up, we hear from the Crossroads Business Education Connection, we’ll be right back.