The Shiner Comanches as a team won the district track meet

The Brooks brothers combined seven gold medals, Rainosek takes two

GANADO, TX- The Shiner Comanches are number one in district in yet another sport, this time it’s track.

The Shiner Comanches as a team won the district track meet and three of its athletes brought home gold medals in multiple events. Riley Rainosek won gold in the 800-meter dash and the 4X400 meter relay. She also brought home the bronze medal in the 300-meter hurdles. Although she placed third in the event, her teammates Brinkley Ramirez and Brooke Epley finished in first and second respectively, so the Lady Comanches swept the 300-meter hurdles. Raionosek and the other three girls on the 4X400 meter relay team finished with a time of 4:13. The junior hopes to advance to regionals after areas and keep bringing the hardware.

“I kind of always think, get out in front, stay there and finish, said Rainosek. It’s an amazing feeling and to know that I am going to area in three events is really exciting.”

Rainosek’s favorite event is the 4X 400 meter relay. Teammate Doug Brooks also won gold in two events. Brooks won gold in discus and shot put. Brooks threw 145 feet in discus and 52.4 feet shot put. He said he participates in track to help him be lighter on his feet and quicker when it comes to football season. Brooks said winning state is great and even though he is on top he can always get better.

“You know technique you know, I feel like I have the power, but I couldn’t keep the technique, said Brooks. I threw the best I’ve thrown since we started and it felt good to do that.

Brooks wants to do equally as well in area and beyond in the coming weeks. Rainosek and Brooks did well but still didn’t do as well as our athlete of the week Dalton Brooks who won five gold medals, two field events and three track events.