The Second Annual Back To School giveaway occurred at First United Methodist Church

An hour before the Community Resource and School supply fair started there were more than 100 families lined up waiting to enter the church.

“We are able to provide backpacks for up to 1,000 children today filled with school supplies,” said Jenessa Trebatoski, Driscoll Children Hospital Community Coordinator.

The giveaway was open to the public and everything was free. Children were able to get health screenings, win door prizes and participate in hands-on activities.

“Were very fortunate for our vendors for providing the school supplies to go inside Driscoll’s backpacks,” said Trebatoski.

When the children received their backpacks it put a smile on some children faces.

“It makes me so happy that’s the whole goal. It’s for the children to walk out feeling empowered. You know we want them to start the school year off on the right foot. It’s not always there fought that they don’t have the supplies that they need. So we’re glad to be able to host events like this one to give that child a chance to start on a clean slate with all his other peers,” said Trebatoski.

First United Methodist Church will bless all the backpacks on August the 11 th during church services.