The Salvation Army of Victoria is in need of cash donations to continue providing assistance

VICTORIA, Texas– The Salvation Army of Victoria is known for its contributions to those who need help the most, but now they’re struggling to provide assistance during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Whereas I normally operate around the $100,000 cash in our operating, just in our operating to keep the lights on, to keep food in the pantry, to keep things to help the people we need to help. Right now we’re at almost zero,” said Captain Kenny Jones, with the Salvation Army of Victoria.

Captain Jones says, over the last three months the Salvation Army has helped families with paying rent. He says he didn’t apply for financial assistance so the money came out of the operation fund.

“Which means that our operation is suffering right now because we’re not paying $400 and $500 per person, I think we have paid $1,500 to $1,600 and not just for rent we’re paying mortgages,” said Jones.

Captain Jones says the Salvation Army is one of the only non-profit organizations that provide money to help people stay in their homes, but they’re in desperate need of cash donations so they can keep going.

“Any way that you can get that to us we would appreciate it. Whether you want to help us with $5, or $500, or $10,000. Whatever you can afford to give we need you to give right now so we can continue to help the community. Which is what we were called to do and what we want to do,” said Jones

To make a cash donation click here or you have the option to drop it off at the Salvation Army. The address is 1302 N. Louis, Victoria Tx. or you can send it to P.O.BOX 3045, Victoria Tx. 77903. Here’s the number to call (361) 572-3779 for more details.