The Salvation Army of Victoria handed out Thanksgiving meals

They had given out about 200 meals by 11:30 am


The Salvation Army of Victoria Headquarters, a very busy place Thanksgiving.

There was a line of cars on Laurent at 11 Thanksgiving morning, trying to get into the Salvation Army of Victoria’s main office at 1302 North Louis Street.

25 News Now anchor Don Brubaker was happy to help out, giving out some of the meals to the folks driving through.

It was a total team effort, with some great people inside putting the meals together.

It was a drive through pickup, total of 300 meals, with a four-plate limit per car.

The Thanksgiving food boxes included smoked crown rib roast, green beans, corn, a roll, a pie, and peach tea.

We talked with Salvation Army of Victoria Commanding Officer Captain Kenny Jones.

Kenny Jones: “And to know that these folks are dependent upon me. It doesn’t matter how I feel in the morning. It doesn’t matter if I miss a meal, none of that matters. What matters is we’re called to do what we do, and we have to put yourself last.”

We can’t say enough for all the volunteers in the Salvation Army of Victoria office who put the food containers together.  Captain Kenny said his job is to be a servant for others.  Captain Kenny says they were completely done handing out all 300 by 12:15, and that they had given out about 200 by 11:30.