The Salvation Army has a plan in place for the homeless if COVID-19 hits Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas- Several people in the community have asked what would happen to homeless people if COVID-19 hits the community. We reached out to Captain Kenny Jones, Commander of the Salvation Army.

“Let me assure the community that the Salvation Army is not going to close. This is definitely when we are needed the most and we will be here,” said Captain Kenny Jones, Salvation Army Commander.

Captain Jones says The Salvation Army hours will remain the same until further notice. The intake process for overnight clients will begin at 4:30 p.m. He says his staff is currently working on a plan that will help the homeless in case someone is diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Well in that circumstance the medical society or the medical field would ask you to self-quarantine. Where does a homeless person self-quarantine, asked Captain Jones?

He says the plan is currently in progress. Captain Jones explains how he would conduct the quarantine dormitory and where it would be located.

“That’s going to be in our old thrift store building at 1302 N. Lewis. Which we’ve been using basically for storage. We are cleaning it out now. It’s attached to our administration building but it’s separated by walls and doors so that it can be maintained as a quarantine area and supplies and food and such can be delivered without much contact,” said Captain Jones.

Captain Jones says he’s meeting with a few local leaders to determine when the quarantine dormitory might be opened.