The Retail Coach Snr. VP shares insight on Victoria’s changing retail industry

The Victoria Chamber of Commerce held their first chamber luncheon with a guest speaker from The Retail Coach discussing business in Victoria.

Senior Vice President Aaron Farmer was on hand Wednesday afternoon, speaking to business leaders about the retail industry across the nation.

From the rise of E-commerce to the impact millennials have on the changing retail industry, farmer shared the changes facing local business leaders.

Despite several recent business closures, including Carino’s and House of Bread, farmer says the outlook in Victoria is actually looking up.

“So, we’re on the opposite side of, maybe, some of the things I’ve heard previously. But, the outlook for Victoria is good. We’re on the side where we’re reaching out to potential retailers, restaurants and developers to come to Victoria. And, I’ll tell you, we’re having more interest right now then we’ve ever had.”

Farmer adds Bel Furniture will soon open in Victoria and says several other businesses are in negotiations to set up shop in the coming months.