The Republican Tax Assessor-Collector runoff is currently in progress

VICTORIA, Texas–  The Victoria County Tax Assessor-Collector primary runoff for the Republican Party is a very important race. On the ballot, it’s Ashley Hernandez going against David Hagan. It will determine which Republican will run against Democrat Jane Bernal for the seat in November’s election.

“I feel like it was significant. Whoever’s elected to this position has a say in who is the next Chief Tax Appraiser. Whoever the individual is, have a voice in who’s appointed to the Tax Appraiser Review Board and it makes a difference,” said David Hagan, Republican candidate for the Tax Assessor-Collector.

In November we spoke with Ashley Hernandez, the candidate running against Hagan about the ideas that could be implemented for the Tax Assessor-Collector seat.

“Maybe we could do some express lines. That way people who are trying just to get in and get out really quick, and they don’t necessarily have the heavy stuff that requires research, you know they don’t need any kind of extra attention. Then we can get them in and get them out,” said Ashley Hernandez, Republican candidate for the Tax Assessor-Collector.

In November, Hernadez had 45.7% of the votes and Hagan had 35.1%. To win the seat for the Republican Tax Collector Representative, the candidate must have 50.1% of the votes.

“ I’ve been there for so long, I’ve watched my predecessor Rena run it. You know, I have every confidence in myself that I’m capable of handling the duties that come with this,” said Hernandez.

“I think with COVID-19 and so many things going on in our country right now, we’re in a challenging time period and I think experienced hands, experience, and a person who is time tested would fit the bill,” said Hagan.

On July 14th we will find out who will get the Republican vote to go head to head with Democratic candidate, Jane Bernal in November.