The President of Taiwan visited Formosa Plastics

Point Comfort – The President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou visited Formosa Plastics in Point Comfort on Sunday. It was a part of the president’s diplomatic tour in the United States.

“We have 3,000 employees working in this Point Comfort, Texas complex, and it’s our honor that President Ma is visiting us,” said Walter Chen, executive vice president.

A crowd of employees and visitors were there to greet him, before going into a closed meeting with some of the Formosa vice presidents. One of the workers couldn’t believe the president of her home country was visiting where she worked.

“I got the news last Friday and was very excited and I rescheduled all of my spring break plans just for him,” said Christina Lin, a Formosa employee. “He’s the best president I’ve ever seen – honest and very friendly, and he’s working very hard for peace between Taiwan and China.”

Formosa is a Taiwan-based company, but the Point Comfort location is their largest facility in the United States.

“Formosa plastics corporation in Texas is the largest Taiwanese investment in the United States and we were very pleased to have President Ma visit us today in recognition of those strong economic and cultural bonds between the United States and Taiwan,” said Bill Harvey, Formosa communications manager.