Pilot shortage impacts Victoria Regional Airport

Flights limited and prices could become more expensive

VICTORIA, Texas – The aviation industry continues to struggle with a pilot shortage. That’s now affecting the Crossroads and Victoria Regional Airport.

Consulting firm Oliver Wyman created a study following the trend of pilot employment in North America. The study showed demand for pilots is growing quickly while the number of pilots is growing at a slow rate. Regional airports, like Victoria Regional, will get hit the hardest by the shortage.

Executive director Lenny LLerena said airports around the country are facing a shortage and have small crews, including his crews at the airport.

“We’re hoping that that catches up at some point, and there is enough crews,” Llerena said. “At this point, what I hear there’s about 500 regional aircraft that are sitting without crews.”

The shortage will limit the amount of flights in and out of the airport and the price of a flight may continue to rise as the number of pilots keeps dropping.