The Pet Resort on Main has dog yoga

The Pet Resort on Main is giving residents a new thing to do with their furry friends.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the event and tells us all about it. Who would ever thought about doing yoga with your dog, well the Pet Resort on main has dog yoga.
“We have so many dog lovers in this town, and this is one little gateway,” tells Dawn Yager, organizer
For all of you dog lovers out there, the Pet Resort on Main has dog yoga! you heard that right dog yoga.
Dawn Yager says they got the idea from other dog friendly cities like Austin.
“We watched cities like Austin and Houston and we thought you know it sounds like a great idea,” Dawn Yager explains. “And then Laura Len actually thought about doing it too and so we just came together and met up and decided hey lets try and see what happens.” So they put together a practice run to see how it goes and Dawn Yager tells me working out and stretching relaxes not only you but also your dog.
“Seeing how the dogs went from waiting to play and not know what they are doing to this calm and bonding experience,” exclaims Yager. “It was just kind of neat and something kind of different to do with your dog because there is not much to do here in Victoria your dog.” The routine incorporates the dogs and makes them do yoga poses with the help of their owners. For resident and yoga lover Connie Prince coming to this dog yoga is the best of both worlds.
“I love yoga, i have been doing yoga for several years now almost everyday,” declares Connie Prince, Resident. “And i love my dog. So this is an opportunity for me to spend time with her doing something i love like yoga and doing something she loves.” Yager invites you and your dog to try it for yourselves and just clarify it is BYOD, which means bring your own dog…
“I hope they all would want to come try it, its relaxing its not like some crazy super workout because you are trying to incorporate your dog to but its fun and just something to do on a Saturday,” says Yager. After watching them do yoga, i decided to give it a try.. Well lets just say its much harder than it looks. Safe to say i need to work on my flexibility

Dog yoga is held every first Saturday of every month