The new game room applications are in the process of being released

The game rooms inside of the Victoria City limits have been closed for over a month. Now those owners are currently looking for the new applications to apply outside of Victoria but they haven’t been able to find them.

Clara Ramos a Community Activist said, “I went to the Sheriff’s Office and they told me that the applications weren’t ready and that they didn’t have a time frame. So to me, that means it’s going to take, what a month another two months. Those applications should have been ready by January 1st”.

“Every since the game room ordinance was passed the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office has been working on the logistics and legality of ensuring that the application process is done correctly. The last thing we want to do is prematurely release the application process and have to go back and correct things and make changes”, said Victoria, Chief Deputy Roy Boyd.

The goal for the game room ordinance that was passed in Commissioners Court was to eliminate and reduce illegal game rooms inside the Victoria City limits, but now it has left several people without jobs and owners hunting to find the new applications.

“They had been already discussing the process as far as the new ordinance, I believe it started back at the beginning of December. So they had plenty of time to have had those applications ready,” said Ramos.

“So we have been working closely with a team of individuals at the Sheriff’s Office and throughout the County that we placed on an internal task force, in order to ensure that we have the correct compliance with the ordinance that was passed”, said Chief Deputy Boyd.

The new game room applications will require strict guidelines, rules, and regulations.

“In order to do their due diligence they have done a lot of work on this and were hoping to make this a peaceful and smooth transition for those individuals who are a part of this process”, said Chief Deputy Boyd.

Chief Deputy Boyd said, that by the middle of next week the attorneys will have the final applications returned to them and they will go online.