The Metropolitan Planning Organization wants to hear from you

Every 20 years the Metropolitan Planning Organization puts together a plan for updates in the county. This year they really wanted to hear from the public.

The community is being asked to submit any and all suggestions for improvements on transit methods, from roads to sidewalks. This is the time to report all the areas that need some attention.

Busy roads, with different forms of transportation all contribute to the wear and tear of a city. Now the Metropolitan Planning Organization hopes to hear from the public for future improvements.

‘Instead of the government coming to you and saying this is what you need- they want to hear from us what we want and need, and that’s how we get the funding with that system,” Maggie Bergeron, MPO Coordinator said.

Working closely with TxDOT, the goal is to identify how the area will successfully manage and safely upgrade multi modal transportation systems, including highways, freight, bicycle routes, or even pedestrian trails.

“Sometimes you get in your car and you go in auto pilot from point A to B, but what you observe along the way as minor as it may be it might be as important,” Bergeron added.

The survey is now available online. You’re able to view the planning area, zoom in to a specific point where you may see an issue, add specific comments or suggestions and it allows you to assign dollar value to projects you feel deserve it.

“So now as we receive public input and we look at the priorities that are identified in the community as well as the requirements from the federal government, they may move up or stay the same,” Bergeron concludes.

As more input is gathered, a list is created to allocate funds to those top priority issues the community wants to see changed.

There is a physical paper survey like this one that can also be filled out. Or you can visit or call the MPO office at 361 – 485- 3360 for steps on how to access an online survey.