The Men from DeWitt County Who Died in Vietnam Remembered

“There’s millions of people that never make it to DC to see it,” Bertholf said.

If you can’t make it to the nation’s capitol to pay respect to the Vietnam Memorial, you can visit the Wall That Heals. The traveling wall is a replica and Bill Bertholf who served in Vietnam says it was an honor to serve his country.

“None of us actually said okay I want to go fight the Vietnamese, but the government called so we answered and we went,” Bertholf said.

Bill works with the DeWitt County Vietnam Veterans and has been searching for years for pictures of all 13 men who died in Vietnam. Until yesterday he was missing 3 pictures.

“I had one sent to me yesterday in an email which was out of the blue because I don’t even know the lady that sent it to me,” Bertholf said.

If it wasn’t for the Wall That Heals traveling to Cuero Bill wouldn’t have been able to complete his search, but on Thursday he got word that his mission to honor all 13 of his fellow soldiers may be fulfilled.

“I talked to Tim who sets this up he has the other 2 pictures so I’m in heaven now I will have all 13 pictures,” Bertholf said.