A local reaction to the delayed voting results

On Super Tuesday the County of Victoria didn’t receive early election results until three hours after the polls closed and getting the election results were a big concern for members in the Victoria community. We spoke to the State Representative for District 30 to get her reaction.

“Yea it was very difficult tonight for the Election Results to be so slow especially here in Victoria, for all the candidates and everyone that was waiting to see what happened, to wait for so long”, said Geanie Morrison, the State Representative District 30.

Geanie Morrison is the State Representative for District 30 and last night her opponent for the seat was Vanessa Hicks-Calloway, a 26 year Army Veteran. Although Morrison has served 11 terms she was still waiting anxiously for the final results.

“I just hope we can get them sooner. It’s a long night and it’s a long time to wait and I know the results are just coming in final. I know it’s a lot of work to and whatever we can do to help with making sure that it happens a little quicker would be wonderful,” said Morrison.

When we took a look at the Victoria County Website and it still indicates that these are the Unofficial results. The County of Victoria Elections Commission will hold a special meeting on Monday, March 9th at 11 am.

We reached out to Margetta Hill the Victoria Elections Administrator to get a statement on what happened and tomorrow we will have more information.