The Link gathered local students for a message

VICTORIA, Texas–Local students attended The Link at Son Valley Ranch with keynote speaker Steven Mackey, inspiring kids to stay on the right path.

Local high school students came with their friends, teammates or fellow church members in the second annual Link Project, which was started by parents and pastors as well as business owners to help young students grow spiritually.

“I hope that all the kids tonight actually feel loved, wanted and also that they all actually find their purpose in life and they’re motivated to be kind to others,” said organizer Melissa Rivera.

With many sponsors, The Link provides door prizes, like computers, earbuds, gift cards and much more to get the young children excited to attend. With games and food and prizes, the adults want the children to be interested about hearing the message.

“So I came with my basketball team last year and we really took a lot of the messages and put that into our sport and we just explained it to each other and we have a better communication now because of it,” said student, Alexis Myers.

The parents want their children to learn more about their spirituality and be comfortable with it.

“I mean it makes me feel great but I feel like God has given use the opportunity to come together and share the word and we want these kids to know that it’s okay to say I love God and I  love Jesus and don’t be afraid to share that,” said organizer Carrie Myers.

Last year over 150 students attended and The Link hopes to see more in the coming years.