“The hotline allocation fills up within about 5 to 10 seconds after going live”, says Victoria County Public Health Director

The COVID-19 vaccines were already allocated at 10 am Wednesday morning

VICTORIA, Texas-An 80-year-old woman in the Crossroads says she called the COVID-19 hotline in hopes of reserving a spot but all she heard was the vaccines are already allocated.

“This morning when I called, it was 10:01. I called the COVID hotline and they told me they were not giving out any more appointments, and the vaccines had already been assigned. I live by myself and I don’t have a computer so I have to go by what’s on the news and what I hear. So I was rather frustrated at the fact that those had already been assigned. They were quite rude to me to be honest. I kept trying to complete a sentence and they kept cutting me off. Almost like ok we need to get rid of this old lady, and it was rather frustrating,” said a community member.

The woman wants to stay anonymous but she shared that she’s dealt with underlying health issues for the past few years. Which makes her high-risk of contracting COVID-19. Another senior who is 68 years old shared his experience with trying to register for the vaccine.

“I’ve been trying to do that COVID vaccine thing. We were on their hotline and we received information on how to register. Both my wife and I dialed into the number at exactly ten o’clock according to our phones and we got the automatic message that all 2,000 thousand slots had already been filled. I find that highly improbable that the Victoria County Health Department has a computer system that can answer 2,000 calls in less than a couple seconds,” said Robin Dickson, a Military Veteran.

Robin Dickson says his wife is more vulnerable to catching the disease.

We spoke to David Gonzales, the Victoria County Public Health Director to see how the vaccines are already allocated as soon as the line opens.

“We’re seeing our allocations fill up, the hotline allocation fills up within about five to ten seconds after going live. We’re having the call queues fill up within that time period. So with time instead of trying to call and remain on hold for hours and not get a vaccine, we have to cap that call queue up at a certain number that we have vaccines allocated for,” said David Gonzales, the director at the Victoria County Public Health Department.

Gonzales is urging the community to stay patient as they work to get the online waiting list ready and available for the community.