Goliad County jury hands maximum punishment to convicted killer Daniel Mendoza

Five day trial ends with guilty verdict and maximum sentence for defendant

GOLIAD, Texas – The Murder Trial of Daniel Mendoza has come to an end. A Goliad County jury found Mendoza guilty on all three counts including murder. He is guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.

The 20-year-old shot Nathan Cortinas and Brianna Bexley in June of 2019. Cortinas died in the incident after suffering multiple gunshot wounds and Bexley was hospitalized after suffering a single gunshot wound. Their infant son was in the back seat of the car during the incident but was unharmed.

The court session started with a jury deliberation to determine whether or not Mendoza was guilty on all three counts, which lasted less than 15 minutes.

After the guilty verdict was given, the trial went into the punishment phase.

The prosecution started the punishment phase with an opening statement by State Attorney, Tim Poynter, stating that he wants the max sentence for all three charges against Mendoza. The defense countered by stating that Mendoza should get 50 years if he displays good behavior while in prison.

The jury went to deliberations regarding the punishment of Mendoza and decided that Mendoza will get the max sentence for all three charges.

The following charges and sentences are

  • First-degree murder
    • a max sentence of 99 years with a $10,000 fine
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
    • a max sentence of 20 years with a $10,000 fine
  • Child Endangerment
    • a max sentence of 2 years with a $10,000 fine

Mendoza will be serving his sentence at a state prison.

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