The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent served meals to 800 families in Cuero

CUERO, Texas—The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent gave out food to 800 families in Cuero today.

The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent felt there was a need in Cuero and so Monday morning they provided food to families in this DeWitt County community.

A labor-intensive project is also a labor of love as the Food Bank held a COVID-19 food distribution.

“We’re passing out food in the DeWitt County area for those families who need the assistance. You know as this has been going on we’re seeing more and more families that need that little bit of assistance,” said Robin Cadle, the President of The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent.

The Food Bank gives out about 200 to 300 thousand pounds of food each week. Today the community received 72,000 pounds of food, Community members took a moment to express their gratitude.

“Thank You, thank you for helping us out and I hope they can keep on helping those who really need it most. I’m happy I got some help but still you know there’s a lot of people who need it more,” said Maria Saenz, a Cuero Resident

“God bless you, people of the Golden Crescent, y’all do a wonderful job and God bless you all”, said Sarah Mollenakopf, a Cuero Resident.

Every dollar helps provide eight meals to the community, the food bank is always accepting donations.

If you would like to donate click here.