The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent has paused all operations due to a number of employees testing positive for COVID-19

VICTORIA, Texas—- The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent serves 11 counties within the Crossroads and that’s the main priority for the organization especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as the need for food rises.

Regrettably, there has been a significant percentage of staff members who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days. Effective immediately the Food Bank will pause operations temporarily to keep the facility the facility sterile and to allow the staff who has tested negative, continue to monitor their health to ensure they do not develop possible COVID-19 symptoms or test positively at this time.

The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent has ensured the continuation of the COVID-19 screening for all employees this week and it’s results identified two new positive cases  bringing the number of identified staff to four positive cases of COVID-19. Among the newly identified cases is Food Bank President/CEO Robin Cadle, who received positive test results on Thursday, January 14, 2021. She is currently at home and doing well.

No one within the newly identified positive cases worked closely with volunteers within the recent days but the Food Bank management and the Board of Directors want to keep the public safe. As a result of the impact these cases are having on the Food Bank’s ability to maintain key staffing roles while assuring staff and public safety, the Food Bank’s board and management decided through consultation with the Victoria County Health Department, Feeding America and Feeding Texas to temporarily pause operations.

The Food Bank will not be open to the public until Monday, January 25th.

“The Food Bank has frequently used commercial grade sanitizing spray throughout the facility since the first positive test result was received last week, and will be bringing in a professional cleaning service to fully clean the Food Bank’s warehouse and office facilities. Also, as has been said previously, since COVID-19 is not a food borne disease, the food products distributed by the Food Bank remain consistently safe for public consumption and we look forward to resuming our distribution of food when staffing conditions can once again fully support it,” said Angela Hartmann, the Food Bank Board Chair.

Staff are still able to assist clients in applying for SNAP, TENAF and other social services by contacting Jesse Olivarez at or Ersilia Garcia at for assistance.

They are responding to emails.