The First United Methodist Church hosted a Black History Exhibit

VICTORIA, Texas – Earlier today, People from all across the crossroads came out to attend the black history exhibit.

Attendees discussed the importance of remembering black history, brought paintings from Houston to display and took a moment to sing together

Kids also participated in a poster board competition where they had to pick a person from history that influenced them the most.

We spoke with the organizer on why she created this event and the winner of the poster board competition.

“I did this because I want to help the youth stay off the streets, this is my first one and I’m going to have more cause I got more help to help me with this organization, this is gonna be a youth organization, helping keep children off the streets and out of trouble,” said event organizer, Sherilyn Shelton.

“Kamala Harris was the first female vice president, black and Asian and she broke two barriers, black and female,” said student, Nevaeh Scott.

Congratulations to all the kids who participated in today’s poster board competition and be sure to be on the lookout for the next black history exhibit in the near future.