The first ten families of Hope Meadows subdivision had a home dedication ceremony

VICTORIA, Texas- Although it rained that didn’t stop the home dedication for Hope Meadows subdivision.

Kevin King, the Executive Director with Mennonite Disaster Service, said, “Here in Bloomington, this is a 26-acre property it’s been subdivided and these homes will be given to Hurricane Harvey disaster survivors.”

Receiving gifts, hearing words of encouragement and singing were a few things that occurred for the first ten families at Hope Meadows home dedication.

“Today is just an incredible day were we ceremoniously handed each of the first 10 families a bible, a homemade quilt and they have some various gifts and welcomed them to their community,” said King.

Afterwards, the families were able to unlock the doors and take a look inside their new homes. I spoke with a homeowner who told us about the day she received the news.

Minnie Munoz, a new homeowner said, “Well, she called us on the phone to tell us that they had approved us and we were like, we were overjoyed. I mean we were like we could not believe that we had gotten approved for it and we were crying. We were so, so excited, my husband and I couldn’t believe that it was finally coming true.”

If your home was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey, the Long Term Recovery Group is still accepting applications. Click here to apply.