The Easter Island Heads of Victoria Texas

What's the mystery that has shrouded these stone heads for decades?

VICTORIA, Texas – The Easter Island Heads of Victoria Texas.

Stone heads that weigh more than a ton and are over 15 feet tall continue to be shroud in mystery.

Who made them? and why? Are they supposed to mean something or are they just a tourist trap made to attract visitors to Victoria?

I needed to get to the bottom of these mysterious heads.

First, I needed to locate each head I could find.

Three heads are located just off of Loop 463 near East Mockingbird on the off-ramp. Pretty easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

These three heads are on a field all by themselves and are not accessible to anyone looking to get a closer look.

There’s even a unique sign just for the heads, that says “no trespassing we’re tired of hiding the bodies”

The bodies don’t look to be vandalized in any way so I wonder why they’re tired of hiding them, especially when there’s another head over at Riverside Park about six-miles away from the other three heads.

Approaching the head in person puts in perspective just how huge these statues really are.

I stood right next to the head and I’m six feet tall on a good day and these heads made me look like a child.

After closer inspection, I saw that there’s an engraving on the back that says “AT Dincans Jr” with roman numerals 1997, likely meaning this head was made in 1997.

I found that Victoria resident, Alvin Dincans, created these heads decades ago but he was unavailable for an interview.

On the base of the head is another engraving that says July 24, 1998. Likely stating when Mr. Dincan placed the head here at Riverside Park.

My next step was to find people who had any information regarding these heads

So I reached out to Victoria Parks and Recreation Director, Jason Alfaro, about what he knows about the easter island head at his park.

“So we don’t have as much information as we’d like to on the Easter Islands heads. The information that we do have is very limited. The Easter Island head that we have in Riverside park was donated to us by a man named, Alvin Dincans, back in 1998. From the information we have, it was our previous Parks and Recreation commissioner who was interested in bringing one of these stone heads to the park. Our previous Parks and Recreation director decided to ask Mr. Dincans about bringing the head and that’s how one of the Easter Island heads ended up here,” says Alfaro.

The common theme seems to be that no one knows anything about these heads.

I’ve reached out to university professors, museum historians, city officials and no one knows anything about these heads

Although no one seems to know anything, the majority of residents love the heads and think they’re a nice weird addition to the City of Victoria.

After all my research, I’ve concluded that there’s no real mystery to these heads. Alvin Dincans must’ve liked the original easter island heads so much he created some for himself and the City of Victoria took notice and wanted to bring one to Riverside Park.

These heads are a great way to attract tourists from all over who are looking to see these heads in person.

At the end of the day, these heads are here to stay, so why not owe it?

Let’s make some shirts and merchandise and get creative with these stone heads.

As far as I know, they’re Victoria’s heads and will be here for the foreseeable future.