“The deals aren’t that amazing anymore” says a local Black Friday shopper

Best Buy Black Friday Sale always brings a crowd but one man has made it his mission to always be first in line.

John Cano a Black Friday shopper said, “I got here at 9 o’clock this morning, and the majority of the time I’m always first, but it’s usually me and my club”.

This is a typical Thanksgiving holiday for Cano, he says, he’s been standing in the Best Buy line for Black Friday sales for the past eight years.

“Well on Thanksgiving I usually spend it here in front of Best Buy. People come by and visit then hang out for a little bit. When I go home I have plenty of Turkey to eat afterwards,” said Cano.

The way people shop for Black Friday sales has changed over the years due to online shopping. This has caused several people to stop camping out in front of the stores.
Cano explains why his friends don’t camp out on Black Fridays with him anymore.

“Online sales are killing the in store shopping cause you can pretty much by anything online now, so it kind of takes away the thrill. I use to have eight of my friends here with me hanging out and waiting for the deals but the deals aren’t that amazing anymore to where it’s worth coming out here.