The dangers of leaving children in vehicles during hot days

Tips on child safety in vehicles

VICTORIA, Texas – As summertime temperatures continue to increase, the danger of children left in hot cars even for a few minutes can be deadly.

In 2020, even with COVID-19 related orders to stay home, Texas had five deaths of children left inside vehicles. It’s a concern all year, but in the summer, the danger to children left in hot cars can turn deadly fast – even when parked in the shade.

Within minutes, on even a mild day, the temperature inside a vehicle can become 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. In 30 minutes, it can climb to more than 120 degrees inside.

“It’s all about awareness, its all about paying attention, in really making sure at any given moment you grab your kiddos and get them out of the vehicles, ” says Michelle Cunningham, Child Protective Investigations – Regional Director.

Children left in vehicles can suffer from heat exhaustion in minutes, which can lead to permanent disability or death.

To prevent this, always look before you lock and create reminders by leaving your purse or phone in the back seat when traveling with your child to remember.

Don’t forget that leaving the windows down and the air conditioning on is not enough to keep your child safe.