The Crossroads region received several inches of rain, causing flooding concerns

Remember turn around, don't drown

VICTORIA, Texas – The Crossroads received several inches of rainfall today, with this amount of rain, streets become dangerous to drive on and flash flooding can become an issue.

Heavy rain can cause cars to hydroplane and crash, roads can be closed off due to flooding and rivers can rise to flood levels.

Attempting to drive through flooded areas can result in a dangerous situation as even a few inches of rain can carry a small vehicle.

Rick McBrayer, the Victoria Emergency Management Coordinator, says that certain areas are more prone to flooding but heavy rainfall can affect the entire crossroads region.

“We’re seeing an unusual amount of rain, ground saturation is already here and anywhere we get an additional amount of rainfall, we’re gonna have flash flooding occur. If there are specific areas of town that have been affected, it’s low line areas that we know normally have issues. Inez area has been hit hard, in all reality though, its city and countywide…The smallest amount of water can move a vehicle, sweep someone off their feet and we don’t wanna out in those dangerous situations,” says McBrayer.

McBrayer also advises residents to not move or go around barricades, as the road may be flooded or damaged

Even the smallest amount of rain can result in a dangerous situation, remember to turn around don’t drown and stay home if possible.