The criteria in implementing a county-wide burn ban

Victoria County is currently not under a burn ban


Drought Index


VICTORIA, Texas – At this time, DeWitt, Lavaca, Refugio, Beeville, Matagorda are all under a burn ban but Victoria County is not.

There are several factors that fire personnel consider before implementing a county-wide burn ban.

First, they will look at a drought index or a KDBI index, this index checks and measures the moisture in the soil. The lower the number, the higher the moisture, the higher the number means more drought.

Victoria County Fire Marshal, Richard Castillo, says he looks at this index and takes other factors into consideration before deciding on a burn ban.

“So for us, I’ll use this, I’ll use the vegetation out there and the potential of how many fires and what caused them. If I have a lot of fires from people burning trash right next to the house and it just goes, we have a lot of people burning brush and they’re not clearing it, this all goes back to these two factors, whats our KBDI then we decided to put in a burn ban,” says Castillo.

If Castillo decides that a burn ban is needed, he will speak with County Commissioners and the County Judge to propose a county-wide burn ban, which can be anywhere from two weeks to 90 days.

Although Victoria County is not currently under a burn ban, if you have plans to burn, please do so responsibly.

Reach out to the Victoria County Fire Marshal Office for further questions.