The County updated the community about the CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Funds

VICTORIA, Texas– Victoria County Commissioners got an update on the CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Fund. The CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Fund were approved around March to provide the state and local government with assistance during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We were allocated roughly $1.3M in total and our challenge like we’ve discussed is, this is a reimbursement source of funding so we spend it upfront and get reimbursed after the fact,” said Ben Zeller, Victoria County Judge.

Judge Zeller says some of the challenges are getting direct answers to what’s eligible to be purchased under the CARES Act guidelines.

“Well I know our committee we established as a layer of additional due diligence upfront on this and I know Rick you and I talked about that direct storage system in the forklift, I’m very much comfortable with proceeding with that,” said Judge Zeller.

Judge Zeller says, this contributes to the management of the personal protection equipment that helps keep the healthcare professionals safe, which is the focus of the CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Funds.

“It seems to me that we’re on the right track for this, the expenditures so far are probably in the realm of the coronavirus, mitigations, preparations, and public health. So I really haven’t seen anything questionable,” said Zeller.

The CARES Act and Coronavirus Relief Funds is an ongoing process to make sure the County is spending the funds correctly.