The community held a BBQ fundraiser for Emmy Saenz

We told you the story about Emmy Saenz last week, well on Saturday the community held a BBQ fundraiser to help the 20-year old and her family.

On Saturday, the community gathered to help raise money for Emmy Saenz and her medical expenses. There was a huge turnout of support from many people who came by to help the family as much as they can.

“We are so excited to be able to help raise money for Emmy I know that it’s something she really needs, and we love her family, and we just really know it’s important to come out and support any type of activity in the community,” said community member, Nick Lagrega.

Many local businesses donated different items to be auctioned off during the fundraiser. The food was also donated by local volunteers as well as Emmy’ ‘s employer. There were so many helping hands in the kitchen who volunteered their time for a great cause. Hearing about Emmy Saenz made the community get together and plan an event that would be so beneficial.

“This was something that I wanted to take on because we have a 20-year old who was able to do for herself and now she can’t and I can’t just imagine if it were one of my children,” said Clara Ramos, chairperson of the fundraiser.

The Saenz family is learning to adjust to this new life, and they’re really appreciative of all the support they have been receiving from the community.