The City of Victoria is preparing to fix the potholes

The voices of the community are being heard as the City Council of Victoria approved the budget to repair the potholes.

“Part of what’s in the budget for the fiscal year which starts on October 1 st is an additional three-quarter of a million dollars that has been specifically set aside to address the street conditions in Victoria specifically potholes,” said Diane Boyett Interim Communications Director.

Driving down Brazos Street, near the YMCA of the Golden Crescent there are several potholes in the front entrance of the parking lot. The additional money for the repairs will help get these potholes fixed.

“What this money is going to allow the Street Department to do is create an additional street crew to address potholes. So instead of two crews, we will have three crews with three trucks,” said Boyett.

The City Of Victoria is adding an additional crew to help fix the potholes. This new addition to the team is bringing job opportunities to the community.

“We’re hiring, we have openings right now in our street department for general labor, all the way to equipment operators, and we will have additional openings after October 1 st with the new budget for the pothole crew,” said Boyett.

Boyett said that if you have a pothole in your neighborhood and you want to bring it to the cities’ attention, go online to The City Of Victoria and fill out a customer service request form.